Challenges in Manufacturing and Assembly Environment

  • • Shortage of raw material / components
  • • Frequent changes in production schedule based on material availability
  • • Loss of production
  • • Delay in product deliveries results in customer dissatisfaction
  • • High Finished and WIP inventory
  • • Low visibility of RM/component availability
  • • Shortage of raw material / components
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Challenges in Distribution and Retail Environment

Laser Scanning
  • • Increasing variety/large number of SKUs
  • • Shortage of Fast Moving Goods and hence loss of sales
  • • Non Moving Goods/Obsolete Inventory
  • • Cross-shipment between warehouse
  • • High overall inventory
  • • Low inventory visibility leading to less inventory turns/ ROI

There are difficulties in using traditional MRP based processes to address these challenges

  • 1. Push system involves forecasting the demand and planning the supply.
  • 2. Forecasts are more often inaccurate.
  • 3. Long replenishment times often means slow response of the supply chain.
  • 4. The slow response creates high inventories of goods that are not required and shortages of required goods
  • 5. MRP based processes therefore need to be augmented to convert them into a pull based proactive systems to address these challenges.

There is a need for web-based planning, collaboration, replenishment, and execution software. This can drive dramatic and rapid changes in the decade-old MRP and ERP processes.

Presenting...Cloud based Supply Chain Replenishment and Execution Software Product.

Cloud based SCMPlus1 dramatically improves forecast execution by addressing well known functionality gaps in MRP and ERP systems. SCMPlus1 adds an entirely new set of capabilities to supply chain organizations; capabilities that transform the way planners, buyers and suppliers collaborate, execute and measure supply chain. Know the status of your supply chain in easily understood colour zones. Blue -very high inventory, Green -high inventory, Yellow -right Inventory, Red -low inventory and Black-stockout inventory zone.

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Scmplus1 Features :

  • 1. Visibility of Material
  • 2. Easy to understand Signaling system for action.
  • 3. Analytics for Continuous improvement
  • 4. See what is in hand,in transit,in quality inspection
  • 5. Check the colour priority
  • 6. Plan what to replenish, how much to replenish and when to replenish
  • 7. Single priority system across the supply chain
  • 8. Suppliers' suppliers can view customers' customer demand
  • 9. Black means stockout that requires the most urgent attention
  • 10. Red means shortage that requires the urgent attention
  • 11.Yellow is the right inventory and need only plan
  • 12. Green and Blue means high inventories that needs attention by Sales and Marketing
  • 13. Time based charts of individual SKUs and their consumption and inventory patterns
  • 14. Historical stockouts and availability graphs.
  • 15. Pinpoint reasons of stockouts and high inventories for corrective actions.
  • 16. Top management dashboards for sales and inventory turns.

Benefits of Implementing a Pull Based System using scmplus1 :

  • 1. Improved availability of materials at assembly for manufacturing companies.
  • 2. Improved availability of Finished Goods in all the warehouses I distributors and retailers.
  • 3. Improved service levels to customers resulting in increased customer retention.
  • 4. Simultaneously reduced inventories across the supply chain.
  • 5. Dramatic reduction in production disruptions
  • 6. Improved cash flow and profits for the company.
  • 7. Harmonious relationship among supply chain stakeholders and partners.