TOC (Theory Of Constraints) Consulting

Theory Of Constraints

We work on the Theory of Constraints (TOC) principles.

Consulting activities are taken up in the area of supply and distribution planning, inventory movement monitoring, replenishment models, etc.

SCMPlus1 Sofware Solution

Ennovate has developed its own software called SCMPlus1.
SCMPlus1 is an online inventory monitoring and tracking software. It works on principles of TOC and works on the replenishment (pull) principle.
It serves as a key Decision Support System for SCM managers and warehouse mangers to monitor and manage inventory of different SKU’s at different nodes.
SCMPlus1 has flexible licensing models including subscription and license to use.
Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a management philosophy by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt based on the holistic approach of focusing on the systems constraint. Ennovate has expertise in implementing the solutions based on TOC with its application in Replenishment, Project Management (CCPM) and Production.

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